Money Exchange

International currencies can be converted into Pesos at numerous money exchange centers in Puerto Morelos.  The rates for the US and Canadian dollar are usually close to the actual International rates but other World Currencies are often discounted  quite significantly.  It is suggested to convert other currencies to US$ in your country of original in order to achieve the best value. 

The use of traveler's check is by far the best method of  safeguarding your vacation money.  Please remember to bring proper photo identification when wishing to exchange travel checks in any money exchange and to sign the check in front of the cashier. NOTE; Money Exchange's in PtoMorelos will not accept TRAVELERS CHECKS. Also worn or torn bills generally are not accepted.

There are numerous Automatic Teller Machines (ATM) in most vacation areas including two in Puerto Morelos.  You will be able to withdraw funds from your bank account but you will receive them in pesos.  The amount will be exchanged at the international exchange rate reflected by your home bank branch  on that particular day.  Please be aware that most of these ATM's have a withdrawal limit of 3000 Pesos per day.

Credit Cards are accepted extensively in larger tourist areas such as Cancun and Playa del Carmen.  It is wise to first ask the proprietor of the business if they accept credit cards in smaller hotels, stores and restaurants.  Very often there is an additional charge for the use of credit cards to offset the high charge back rate in Mexico. As a rule of thumb be wary of using a credit card in any place that provides a traditional credit card slip.  There has been numerous cases of fraudulent charges that appear on statement after the owner has returned home.

Villas Playasol does NOT accept Credit Cards as method of payment.